Truss Shop

Southern Lumber Supply has over 40 years of truss building experience. By continuously expanding our capabilities in both design and production, we are able to provide you with the latest, most efficient custom-fabricated roof trusses. Because trusses are built locally, you can rest assured that our experts are available to work directly with you on all your projects and complete them in a timely fashion.Whether it’s a residential, commercial or agricultural project, our certified draftsmen will design and precision engineer roof trusses to support the special load requirements of your job. We only use the most advanced and innovative computer software to custom design trusses that meet or exceed the standards required by Alabama building codes. Trusses are also certified with the Mitek Industries Stamp.Once the truss design process is finished we will provide free quotes. We can also offer computer designed layouts from your blueprints and determine a delivery date. Individual truss designs or engineer-approved stamped drawings for a project are also available. Our trained truss assemblers work directly from computer designs and dimensions to custom manufacture and fully assemble trusses in Southern Lumber Supply’s own local truss shop. After final assembly, no matter what size the order is, we will deliver it directly to your building site. To make sure trusses are free from damage, orders are carefully transported on a specialized roller trailer, ready to be installed.