Door Shop

Welcome to Southern Lumber Supply – Your Door Shop in Dotha!

Greetings from Southern Lumber Supply, your friendly neighborhood door experts nestled in the heart of Dotha. We don’t just provide doors; we offer a warm invitation to enhance the comfort and charm of your home.

We have the only fully functional door shop in the area giving us that edge to design and build that custom door.
Please call or come by and let us fulfill all your door needs from matching up your interior door to new complete interior door units with your choice for trim. Our exterior door shop can also match your old door with a new metal, fiberglass or wood door.

A Peek into Our Door Wonderland

Dive into the heart of Southern Lumber Supply with an exclusive look at our bustling warehouse. Here, where dreams take shape and quality meets quantity, we proudly present our extensive collection of doors.

Each door in our warehouse is more than just an entryway; it’s a piece of craftsmanship waiting to find its home. Carefully curated and stored with precision, our doors are a testament to our commitment to quality and diversity.